Similar Website Names

Devil is in the details ;)

It's tricky how many websites sound the same but can be spelled differently, for example vs . Many might end up typing the one without the e going to the wrong weird website of

I recently noticed my Google Chrome do something cool :)

Now Google Chrome shows warning for me trying to go to by mistake or even intentionally I guess. I don’t know if it learned from my browsing history about and how I go to it often than which I have gone to too by mistake the first time alone, or they automatically ranked the pages 📃📄🗒️📑 and understood something is fishy or probably fishy about, or someone reported it - maybe there’s a way to report bad websites, like, using the report links on at the bottom of their web page

Direct Links 🔗 -

There are also many ideas 💡 online on how to report to different entities on the Internet 🛜 to help prevent bad websites from causing. For example, one such one is this -

It talks about how to report to Microsoft using and more - like Government

Different entities could be - Big Internet 🛜 companies like Google (Google Chrome Browser, Google Cloud, Google DNS etc), Microsoft (Azure Cloud, Microsoft Edge Browser etc), Amazon (AWS Cloud etc), Mozilla (Firefox Browser), Cloudflare (Cloudflare DNS, Cloudflare CDN etc)

Another nice example with some details is this one -

It's important to be aware of this issue of problematic websites, phishing websites, fake websites etc, and beware and be careful :)