Clipboard !! ⌨️

Clipboard !! ⌨️

Being a developer, I do a lot of copy-paste. This should come as no surprise for other developers :P

I find that I sometimes have to copy multiple things and then use them all. In such cases, the operating system's clipboard is not enough, as it can store only one thing at a time, but I want to store multiple things at a time and be able to use those multiple things and paste them

Enter Clipboard applications. There are many applications out there that help you with managing your clipboard and clipboard history. I use Clipy -, which is open source you can find the code on GitHub - Clipy works on Mac

Clipy helps me store so many things in the clipboard that I never have to worry about overwriting some important thing I copied, for example, some API key that is displayed only once to developers. It's also annoying to miss out on something you copied and then go back and copy it again. Clipboard applications are a godsend in such cases

Other Clipboard applications for Mac I have heard of from friends and colleagues are